When I first saw this game originally on the XBox One, it actually almost made me want to get that console, just for the one game. It's an adorable-looking platformer from an independent studio — always a plus in my book — it looked like an amazing, fun time!

And then they announced it for the Nintendo Switch, except this was NEW Super Lucky's Tale. Which is, apparently, actually kinda new? I don't know; I never followed through on the XBox. But what I've heard is that there are new elements to this title. I couldn't begin to say what those elements might be.

But it's amazing! New Super Lucky's Tale is just about the perfect game for the Nintendo Switch. It's every bit as cute as the cover art made it look (plus looks fantastic besides, with an amazing style), and it's a lot of fun! I've only played the first area, but even with that, it was wonderfully fun to collect everything and 100% the area. It appears at first glance that every area has four "pages" to collect: One for a certain number of coins collected in the level (the first was 300, but that might vary), one for collecting the letters LUCKY, one for completing the mission of the area, and a "secret" page given by a puzzle.

I do have a few complaints, but they're minor. In particular, the speed Lucky walks at is rather slow, and there doesn't appear to be any way to "run"; the speed works really well for the platforming puzzles, but then when you just want to move around the world it's kinda painful. The other thing is the loading; while this happens kinda rarely, it takes a long, long time. I understand loading things takes time and I'm certainly not faulting that, especially since the game doesn't dump you into a loading screen for every single character interaction like some other, well-known, AAA games *coughSonic'06cough*, but they do take quite some time.

Still, the game is a blast to play, and with how few collectibles there are in each area, it's definitely a good game for just about anyone. Give it a shot, especially if you like platformers!