Moving on to day 5! We're just trucking along here! If you missed the first four days, they're all grouped together in the same category, at the top of the article.

For those of you just joining us, this is Day 5 of a 30 Day Video Game Music Challenge; each day consists of a different category of music, and I respond with a song that I feel fits it well, in terms of being one of my favorites of that category. Hard mode: I can't repeat games. Challenge mode: I can't repeat franchises either. (Repeat characters appearing in other franchises are fine.)

Day 5's theme is "Hub world or overworld music", and I went with another classic: Secret of Mana. Specifically, I chose the overworld song from towards the end of the game, fittingly named "Prophecy": The world is ending, the mana prophecy is being fulfilled, and you must restore the Mana Sword to save everyone. It delivers a sense of urgency, with sufficient danger added by random thunderclaps over the darkened sky. While the game had been a journey to this point, you finally see that journey coming to an end — even as the planet crumbles around you. Because this song plays every time you enter the overworld from that point forward, it truly does signal the end.

As for an honorable mention... I have to do with the standard overworld theme from the same game. Alas, I'm not familiar with much of the titles in this series, as much as it pains me to say it; the few I am, don't have overworld themes, aside from Secret of Mana itself. And since I gave myself a rule for the honorable mentions that it must be from the same franchise (so I don't rule out other franchises), this is what works. :V It's still a fun song! When you first climb up on Flammie and ride into the sky, this song begins playing, and it's very... It's like the Falcor flight scenes from A Neverending Story. "Yeah!"