About Us
We are presently a one-man wrecking crew, looking to break into the world of video games! Keep an eye out for more developments in the future!

Who we are

Grady Owens

Grady Owens lives outside Cloudcroft, New Mexico, with his pet cats. Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, he has been an on-again, off-again student at New Mexico Tech since 2003, in the study of astrophysics, mathematics, optical engineering, and orbital mechanics. Unintentionally following in personal hero Powel Crosley, Jr's footsteps of self-attributed "50 jobs in 50 years", he has worked in warehouse organization, seismology data collecting, prototyping and analytical laboratories, pizza design and construction, computer systems maintenance, and optical astronomy, to name a few things, in his quest for knowledge.

What we make

Werewolf Spy