Arcady Thanatos Volkov! We have a character sheet for our main character, art supplied by the wonderful Sonia Kandah!

Arcady, "Arc" for short, is an unassuming young adult who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. A thin, lanky teenager of mixed European descent, short to mid-length wavy / curly brown hair. While he is 17, he's still clearly growing, displaying that typical teenage trait of atypical body proportions. He's something of a shy extrovert, someone who enjoys being out in public, but isn’t one for direct contact or confrontation unless he knows you.

In Werewolf Spy, Arc is summoned to the Valley Peak Mall by his good friend, Isaac Virgil Lamberti, who wants to reveal a special secret to him; unbeknownst to either young man, this sets Arc on the journey of a lifetime, and changes him forever — literally.